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AllWorld Language Consultants, Inc. (ALC) is a consulting firm that provides a vast array of technical and professional services such as: translation, interpretation, transcription, Title III intercept, multi-media production, training, and intelligence support. ALC, Inc. was established in 1994 and within a few years, the company developed into a single source for multiple-language needs, both for the U.S. Government and private enterprises alike.

ALC, Inc. has received the highest commercial rating by Dun & Bradstreet given its financial and administrative stability. ALC, Inc. is able to provide a flexible solution to the Government through our GSA Schedule and multiple Blanket Purchase Agreements. ALC’s Facility Security Officer supports the regional offices in Miami, Florida and the DC Metro Area.

Company Profile

ALC’s goal is to become an extension of its customer’s services so that the end-user benefits from quality through continuity. Whether verbal or written, the outcome of a translation must be an accurate rendition of the original in a foreign language, with sufficient continuity and emphasis so that clients feel that the message that they are reading or listening to in their native tongue was written for them. As such, ALC’s primary function is to tailor the delivery of the message in such a way that the target audience not only understands the language, but also recognizes that there is an acceptable level of cultural awareness and understanding. In spite of the fact that we live in a world of super-computers and wireless wonders, language remains a characteristic endemic only to human beings, and an invaluable tool in understanding and communicating.
ALC intends to expand its scope of operation into the global marketplace. Along these lines, the company has already established a presence in several foreign countries by way of using its existing team of linguists, liaisons and specialists to develop new business and foster commercial relationships that will ultimate lead to joint ventures or subcontracting agreements. The overall vision of ALC includes establishing schools of languages in the U.S. and abroad, along with specialized curriculae in cross-culturalization of executives and military leadership stationed abroad. ALC’s management and principals believe that these two venues are essential components of the company’s business development plans. Other elements that ALC will explore over the next five years include the development of educational material designed to duplicate the language training and culturalization efforts and give it portability for the purpose of refresher courses, or to be used in seminars by ALC marketing representatives.