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IT Solutions

IT Solutions

Along with information analysis and gathering in a myriad of languages and dialects, ALC also provides IT Forensics for defense and law enforcement. Along these lines, our specialized teams offer Electronic Discovery, Computer Forensics, Incident Response, and Computer Security. Our specialists have been certified in both state and federal courts as experts in computer forensics as well as computer security. As such, ALC provides:

  • Full-scale computer forensic analysis
  • Special Master court appointment
  • Live computer forensic acquisitions
  • Secure facilities & forensic labs
  • Forensic software validated in courts
  • Electronic Discovery and Computer Forensics
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Wireless Security Assessments
  • Product/Application Assessments
  • Policy & Procedure Review
  • Compliance Issues


Computers and Peripherals

ALC IT Solutions provides a vast array of computer equipment (ranging from mainframe and high-end desktops to laptops and notebooks) to private customers and the Federal Government. ALC specializes in large volume orders which include classified equipment and peripherals, delivered on short notice nationwide.

Customized peripherals, such as hard drives (fixed and/or removable), keyboards, printers and all internal components are also available and custom-made for quick delivery and installation, along with advanced connectivity and power management solutions.

For more detailed information about our sales to the Federal Government, contact our USG Sales directly at [email protected].