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ALC’s translation capabilities cover a wide range of disciplines and subject matters. As such, our multi-lingual specialists which include certified, accredited and security-cleared professionals can produce from basic correspondence to highly technical and military translations. Because our services become communication tools for our customers, we take in account a number of constraints, including context, the rules of grammar of the two languages, writing conventions, idioms, and the culture of the target audience.

Traditionally translation has been a human activity, though attempts have been made to automate the translation of natural-language texts (machine translation) the burden posed by post-editing far outweighs the benefits. Translation is not, therefore, a mechanical process. In fact, languages are constantly evolving and where a few of them die each century, many more are born out of necessity, while others turn into linguistic hybrids.

ALC incorporates translation, editing, proofing, and quality control as part of the overall translation process. In addition to these, ALC prepares a Glossary of Technical Terms and Phrases as a means to guarantee continuity of projects and engage the customer in the production of the work.