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Cross Cultural Training

ALC cross cultural training pivots on a variety of training courses, specifically designed to enhance awareness and facilitate communications. These courses are specifically designed with defense, national security, civil affairs, diplomacy and intelligence in mind, given our company’s past performance in these fields. In the case of this requirement, ALC will thrive to develop awareness between people where a common cultural framework does not exist.

Our custom-made training includes a two step process: 1) General Cross Cultural Awareness Training, and 2) Culture/Country Specific Training. In the case of our DoD contracts and requirements throughout the world, ALC breaks down its training into even more specific fields and disciplines, all of which include specific training according to the rank and level of clearance of each audience. Along these lines, ALC provides cultural awareness for employees, and special programs for management as well as trainers.

Culture awareness is crucial and much in demand between nations in today?s globalization. Nowhere is this more significant that in the case of our military forces operating in numerous theaters throughout the globe. In response to the increase in demand for this need, ALC offers its own, customized Middle East and Central Asia culture awareness training to effectively educate individuals on communicating and understanding the Arab culture, as well as the culture of the region as a whole. Along these lines, our programs are designed to provide customers four major areas of support:

  • In-depth cultural awareness and understanding
  • The necessary foundation and tools to become culturally competent
  • A better understanding of the cultural challenges and potential miscommunications
  • The ability to identify potential causes of cross-cultural conflict and learn new strategies for managing them

Our interactive and highly participatory workshops are designed to build teams and a sense of collaboration in any workforce, and reinforce the roles that trust, respect, and responsibility play in our personal effectiveness and our relationships with others.