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ALC E-Campus

A virtual language-learning tool with a twist

The E-campus of ALC’s School of Languages and Linguistics utilizes a methodology unlike the average, off-the-shelf CDs and DVDs available today.

Because ALC has native-speakers and highly skilled language experts who have both real-life experience and unprecedented traditional and non-traditional backgrounds, students participate actively, not passively, in the ALC E-campus. What better way to learn than to engage in live conversations, connecting through writing with people from different cultural backgrounds— all by sitting in front of your computer, no matter where in the world you are.

ALC’s language facilitators will be certain to cover the necessary topics, like grammar and vocabulary, but do so in such an engaging, interactive platform that the time you dedicate to learning will feel like a trip to a foreign land— right from your own armchair.

The E-campus concept is designed to provide personal attention, one-on-one office hours with your language facilitator, chances to catch up in the E-campus coffee shop for a chat, or help you focus on specific levels of proficiency in listening, speaking, writing and reading.

ALC bases the methodology on its worldwide experience with over 350 languages and dialects which span the globe; its E-language Facilitators offer equally diverse backgrounds to enhance and enrich your adventure into learning your first, second or third language.

The unique backgrounds you’ll find floating around the ALC E-campus include native speakers who come from remote lands, military personnel who’ve handled deployments to hostile areas, language experts that teach the general public all the way to diplomats and Department of Defense employees.

All are there to provide real, customized, interactive, study-at-your-own pace support as you enhance your language proficiency.

Every day language skills in your language of choice, customized learning for your military area of expertise, ALC’s E-campus will walk you through real-life situations, prepare you for a special mission; provide you with an e-community where you can begin, excel and expand your world.