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Commercial Solutions

Although we live in a world of electronics, virtual scenarios, and wireless wonders, language still remains a characteristic endemic only to human beings, and a vital tool for understanding and communicating. Along these lines, ALC places great emphasis on delivering meaningful communications in multiple languages by focusing on its customers needs and target audiences, rather than purely on semantics or transliteration. Against this backdrop, there are endless commercial solutions available to our customers.

From multi-media advertising translations to training manuals for use when training non-English speaking staff, ALC provides culturally-sensitive, accurate translations. We also can provide court certified interpreters for your legal needs as well as assist in communicating appropriate medical terminology for doctors and patients. Our broad linguistic expertise applies to the fields of advertising, law, medicine and employee training in order to break down any cultural barriers and communicate effectively to your target audience.

Is ALC right for your business?

Do you have an interest in expanding your product to appeal to other cultures?

ALC can assist in your international or multi-cultural expansion. We can translate your radio, television, and publication advertisements into different target languages. Our video production and graphic design departments are capable of providing all the services that support your international or multi-cultural outreach with state-of-the art video production for your multi-media needs. Our professional crews have proven audio-visual experience and include sound technicians, animators, professional voice-over talent (in multiple languages), coordinators, and directors/producers who can deploy to your location on short notice.

Going global?

ALC can translate your website, brochure and company manuals into multiple languages that will be relevant for whichever country you’re targeting. Our talented Production Department will deliver translations that accurately represent your product or service and are culturally relevant. The finished product is guaranteed to reflect a mirror image of the original document design/layout by using the same format of the original document.

ALC can elevate the professional presentation of your company’s expansion by producing corporate DVD’s in multiple languages.

Are you training employees whose first language is not English?

ALC can translate your employee handbook into multiple languages. You can be confident that your new employees are getting the right message about safety, security, and company policies because they are reading it in their native language.

In addition to customized document translation, ALC can also provide a translator for on–site personnel training, to ensure that your employees get the right message, the first time.

Do you represent clients that do not speak English?

ALC has the ability to provide court certified translators and interpreters to assist in trial preparation. Additionally, our translators and interpreters can physically appear in court to translate the testimony of your client to ensure that the correct intent and meaning of your client’s testimony has been conveyed to the judge and jury.

Our translators and interpreters possess the ability to translate any legal document(s) from any language to English and from English to any language for either presentation in court, or simply to ensure that your clients can clearly understand their rights.

Ensuring that your patients are well informed concerning their medical situation increases the likelihood that they will consent to life-saving medical procedures that they might otherwise ignore.

Having trouble communicating important information to a diverse population?

ALC can translate flyers, newsletters, brochures, and press releases, all the while retaining the format and layout of the original document.

ALC is also able to translate email correspondence and voice mail messages. We guarantee a quick turn-around time.

Do you have trouble conveying correct medical terms to your patients?

ALC can provide translators and interpreters with the appropriate background, experience, and training to communicate technical medical terminology to your patient(s) in their native language to increase your patient’s level of understanding about complex medical procedures.

Language Barrier Affecting Health Care
Proper Medical Care May Be Hampered by Lack of Qualified Interpreters

“Some 50 million people living in the U.S. speak languages other than English in their homes, and 22 million speak only limited English.” “The emergency workers didn’t speak Spanish so they assumed she was saying he was intoxicated. But the word also means “sick in the stomach” in Spanish.

“It took 48 hours for hospital workers to do a CT scan,” Flores says. “It turned out that he had large blood clots in his brain probably resulting from a ruptured artery.”

The boy ended up losing the use of both arms and legs as a result of the treatment delay. He sued the hospital, which settled out of court for $71 million”

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